There’s only one way to heal from any kind of illness and that’s food. Good food can do miracles for your health and mind, that’s why you should begin to take care of what you eat instead of stopping by the first fast-food shop for a quick hamburger and a cup of beer.

146-year-old Indonesian man Asians Are Moving To Western Models

There’s a saying invented by western people about Chinese immigrants that goes like “Chinese people never get sick”. It’s not only a funny phrase to say that for some mysterious reason Chinese people rarely fall ill, but it’s a big truth about the Chinese culture. If Chinese people never or almost get sick it’s because of their cuisine.

Food is again at the center of our health condition. We can guess what kind of eating habits someone has by looking at how many times one falls ill. If you get sick often, you seriously need to review your eating habits.

However, Chinese people aren’t the only ones to rarely get sick. In general, all Asiatic people can boast excellent health. A remarkable prove is that life expectancy in the Asiatic continent offers way more chances to reach the world’s oldest age. Can you guess why? Well, because the Asiatic cuisine is responsible for better health as it is meant to reinforce the immune system. India is another country where you won’t see any obese people, for example. The local cuisine doesn’t feature too many fat foods like American cuisine.

Nevertheless, it’s fair to tell you that today even the Asiatic continent is opening its doors to several western models. If you go to Bangkok or New Delhi, you can find fast-food chains selling American food. Many young Indians are curious to try some western food as well as to try other western lifestyle things. Gambling is, for example, another “new thing” coming from the western side of the world. And it seems that Indians are doing a very good job with it: Sports Betting India is an emerging Indian resource for all kinds of casino games and sports betting. The team of SportBetting India has selected a bunch of licensed and verified casinos to ensure every gambler a superb experience and safe real-money betting.

Your Body Asks You For High-Quality Food

India, Thailand, China, Japan, Korea are renowned for their highly nutritious and well-balanced cuisines. So, if you want to change your lifestyle for the good and have a stronger immune system, all you have to do is to move on to Asian cuisine.

The Food Policy Research Institute conducted an interesting study about Asian cuisines and this is what they discovered:

  1. SoupsChinese soup
    Asian cuisines are soup-based. Either you prepare a chicken-based soup or a soup made of a combination of vegetables, you will provide your body with a concentrated load of vitamins and minerals. In particular, Asian soups have specific healing properties based on the ingredients. Soups are also a strong ally against mental and physical stress. At the end of the day, you should consider preparing hot soup for dinner.

  2. Vegetables and meat
    Almost all Asians are thin and lean. Obesity is still a rarity, although the new western-like eating habits are changing this aspect of the Asiatic culture. A great way to lose weight and avoid gaining it again is to learn the rule of the “3:1 ratio”, which is 3 portions of vegetables every portion of meat. Start reducing your weight by eating meat less often as the 3-to-1 rule teaches.

  3. Smaller plates
    Another great feature of Asian cuisines is that plates are usually smaller. That’s not only for an aesthetical reason (small portions of food are more pleasant to the eyes as they look more refined and elegant). Small plates make you eat slower and this improved the digestive process and metabolism. You will tend to eat less without even realizing it!

  4. Ricechinese fried rice
    Everywhere you go in Asia, you will find a lot of rice-based plates. It’s even hard to imagine a meal without rice, no matter where in Asia you are. Rice is often combined with any kind of ingredients, ranging from vegetables to fish. There are many variants of rice like black, brown, purple, red rice (nutritionally richer than white rice), so just set your imagination free when preparing your rice-based plates!

Finally, don’t forget that Asian cuisines use fish and seafood very often, even every day. According to researchers, eating fish every day can explain why Asian people are healthy and long-lived. Fish provides a very high amount of oils and proteins with a low amount of fats and fewer calories than meat.