If you are looking for something just different to eat on a special day, have a look at what the oriental world of cuisine can offer. Probably, you are simply tired of eating the same foods and you wish you could prepare a new dish and enjoy it with your friends or family. That would be absolutely great for a party or anniversary.

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Food is actually one of the most significant elements when you want to make a day unforgettable for everyone. Through the choice of food, you can convey a message to your guests, like that you care about them and you want them to accompany you to the discovery of new flavors.

Food is also a must-be-there element in every dating. When you have a special person and you want to show all your love, you surely want to select the best foods for a candlelight dinner or the best restaurant where you can get a high-class menu.

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Ever Tried Nepalese Cuisine?coriander

So, are you still struggling to find a great dish for your next party? No problem, you can always get your best inspiration from Nepalese cuisine. Probably, you’ve never tried any Nepalese food before… well, that’s your time to do it right now!

Generally, Nepalese cuisine offers a mix of tasty flavors that will conquer everyone. For many aspects, Nepalese cuisine seems to be influenced by Indian, Tibetan, and Chinese cuisines, but it’s anyway healthier thanks to its low-fat foods. The most used dishes are made of vegetables, lean meat like muscles, relish, curd, tomatoes, coriander, spices like garlic, mustard oil. Find here a bunch of exceptional Nepalese dishes that you can prepare for your friends:

  1. Samosas
    It’s a delicacy that comes from Indian cuisine, but it’s widely popular in Nepal and you’ll get them on your plate at almost every restaurant in the country. It’s quite aromatic and it’s an envelope made of white flour and stuffed with mashed potato and spices. The envelopes are triangle-shaped and fried to get crunchy.

  2. Dal Bhat
    It’s the popular main food of Nepalese cuisine. It’s made of rice with lentil soup and some tasty vegetable curry, but you can also find it served with some chicken meat. Usually, chicken is meat number one in Nepal as it’s affordable and it provides basic nutrients.

  3. Wo or Bara
    It’s very similar to pancakes and it’s popular especially among the Newari ethnic group, a community of indigenous people in Kathmandu. Wo is prepared with lentil batter and it’s a perfect finger food snack for every occasion. You can add some chicken and eggs if you want.

  4. MomosMomos
    If you visit Nepal, you’ll be surely offered a dish of Momos. It’s the second most popular dish in Nepal and it consists of small envelopes made with white flour with vegetables or chicken as a filling. You can serve Momos with sauces or mayonnaise if you want to give it some extra flavor.

  5. Sel Roti
    It looks like a doughnut and it’s one of the typical snacks in Nepal during local festivals. It consists of a circular bread made of rice flour and fried to make it crunchy. It’s sweet and can be accompanied by some yogurt or fruit.

  6. Yomari
    If you love sweet flavors, Yomari is your ideal option. It’s a sweet rice-based dough filled in with coconut paste and sesame seeds. This food is prepared during a typical festival in Nepal to thank the Gods for having a good harvest. There’s also a spicy version of this dish with lentil.

  7. Juju Dhau
    Finally, don’t forget to add a dessert to your Nepalese menu! Juju Dhau is a kind of yogurt, it’s white, creamy, thick, and sweet. It’s made with buffalo milk and it’s popular among the Newari people. It’s usually considered a quick dessert to eat at every moment of the day.

So, are you ready to amaze your next guests with some Nepalese cuisine? Get started with the dishes that attract you the most!