Having a sharp mind and knowing how to put it to best use every day can be challenging. We live in a society where relentless study has become a thing of the norm and reaching high levels of performance is one of the most demanding tasks of the competitive society we live in. Luckily, there are lots of things that we can do to train our minds and keep them working sharp for a long time. The food that we choose to eat every day can also play a huge role in making this happening. According to lots of ancient and traditional Chinese practitioners, the more moderation we choose to implement when dealing with our emotions and mental responses to various stimuli around us, the more we will manage to feed our brains and give them the rest they need.

Unfortunately, reaching the perfect balance in life is often times a goal that most people are having trouble reaching after many years of trials and tribulations. The good news, however, is that it is possible to nurture the power of our brain with good results and without too big of an effort. Let us find out how can the food we at influences the way our brain works.

Foods That Feed The Brain

You might have heard of lots of parents choose to feed their kids lots of so-called brain foods, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 foods such as oily fish, seeds, nuts, avocado or berries. Many of them do this a few months prior to a big exam, in hopes of helping their children score better results, get into that good school they have their eye on, or even use their brain during important athletic workouts in school. Of course, there are plenty of adults who choose to eat foods that resemble the crinkled surface of the human brain such as ground walnuts or carp and some even include chicken or pig brain to their diet in hopes of scoring better when playing poker online. If you are a passionate gamer yourself and you are looking for some lucrative real money games and cool no deposit bonuses, you can click on this link and check out the latest releases in the industry.

Going back to the best foods that you could eat to feed your brain as well as the rest of your body, know that you should primarily focus on foods that will help make all the energy inside the brain flow nicely, instead of getting sudden rushes of energy as a result of eating rich foods a night before a big day, for example. The right thing to do is to learn what to feed your brain in the long term and turn it into a regular daily diet habit.

For example, a dish made of big head fish such as spotted silver carp and some noodle soup could work well for the brain. Add some garlic, mushrooms and scallions and season everything with white wine, soy sauce, dried chili, some starch, sugar, and salt and you will get a very tasty recipe that you are going to love eating more often than you might think.food for brain

You could also try some litchi congee made with rice and dried litchi and serve it two times a day if you want to. The congee is not only extremely nourishing for the blood, but it will also do an excellent job of reinforcing your brain and assisting you with any memory losses you might be experiencing. Add some ginseng, a pig’s heart, and some dang gui and thank yourself later.

What else can you do to help your brain perform at its best more often?

Rest You Brain Well

Assuming you have a big job interview, exam, or poker tournament coming up and you would like to be able to give your very best, besides eating the most nutritious brain foods, try to allocate as much time as you can to psychically resting your brain as well. Exhausting your brain will trigger the opposite results that you desire. Plus, getting a relaxing head massage and considering an acupuncture session could also make a huge difference.

While in the past it was believed that the heart was the one responsible for governing your thinking processes as well as proper blood circulation, Li Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty decided that the brain was responsible for carrying this important role. He called the brain the house of the spirit and claimed that the blood flowing inside the brain help us hear, see, feel, and smell the world through our touch senses.